LFSA Members

Regular Members

Regular members shall be composed of all Santa Rosa Junior College non-student employees who agree to the mission of LFSA, have submitted an application form and have paid the annual (academic year) membership fee.  Regular Members receive shared Association communications, can serve as elected officers, can be present during closed sessions of LFSA, and have full voting rights on action items brought before LFSA.

Collaborative Members

Collaborative members comply with the requirements for Regular Members, including the submission of the application form (except for payment of the annual membership fee).  Employees, students, student employees and retirees may join as collaborative members.  Collaborative Members receive shared Association communications.  Collaborative Members waive voting, closed session attendance and officer position rights.

2019 LFSA Members

Joshua Adams, Dean, Business & Professional Studies
Juan Arias, Director, Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)
Pedro Avila, Vice President, Student Services/Assistant Superintendent
Dorothy Battenfeld, Board Vice President, Trustee, SRJC Board of Trustees
Genevieve Bertone, Director, Student Equity & Persistence
Rosa Linda Bliss, Administrative Assistant, High School Equivalency Program (HEP)
Beatriz Camargo, Coordinator, High School Equivalency Program (HEP)
Carmen Castillo, Faculty English
Frank Chong, President/Superintendent
Li Collier, Senior Dean, Counseling & Student Success
Michelle Conley, Faculty, Social Sciences
Felicia Darling, Faculty, College Skills (CSKLS)
Hector Delgado, Manager, Southwest Santa Rosa Center
Yolanda Delgado, Faculty, English as a Second Language (ESL)
Amy Ethington, Advisor, CalWORKS
Rhonda Findling, Counselor/Faculty, Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)
Maggie Fishman, Trustee, SRJC Board of Trustees
Lilia Flores De Juarez, Administrative Assistant, Counseling, Petaluma
Luz Garcia, Faculty, English as a Second Language (ESL)
Gillermo Garcia, Counselor/Faculty, Counseling
Dean Gooch, Faculty, Mathtematics
KC Greaney, Director, Institutional Research
Oscar Guajardo, Coordinator (Career Education), Student Outreach
Malena Hernandez, Coordinator, Student Success, Student Life, Equity & Engagement
Robert Holcomb, Dean, Language Arts & Academic Foundation
Lily Hunnemeder-Bergfelt, Dean, Student Support Programs/CalWORKSs
Kim Kinahan, Job Developer, Workforce Development
Danielle King, Faculty, Biology
Daniela Kingwill, Faculty, English as a Second Language (ESL)
Marianne Klahre, Student Success Specialist, Southwest Santa Rosa Center
Laura Larque, Faculty, Social Sciences
Lauralyn Larsen, Faculty, Work Experience
Cristobal Leon-Estrada, Faculty, College Skills (CSKLS)
Rebecca Levelle, Coordinator, EOPS/Foster Youth Ed Support
Matthew Long, Dean of Student Services, Petaluma
Vanesa Luna Shannon, Director, Gateway to College
Jeanne Manning, Faculty, Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance (KAD)
Amanda Morrison, Coordinator, Intercultural Center-Petaluma (Our House)
Geoff Navarro, Counselor/Faculty, Counseling
Karolina Nazario, Executive Assistant, Academic Affairs
Araceli Osorio, Faculty, World Languages
Nancy Persons, Librarian, Library & Info Resources
Catherine Prince, Dean, Instruction & Strategic Program Dev
Lorena Ramirez de Hernandez, Associate Teacher, Child Dev
Salvador Rico, Faculty, Mathtematics, Petaluma
Javier Rodriguez Aguilera, Manager, Custodial Services-Facility Use
Roam Romagnoli, Faculty, English
Darci Rosales, Manager, Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)
Richard Sachen, Faculty, Engineering/Constr. Mgt
Glen Salazar, Student Success Technician, Southwest Santa Rosa Center
Jane Saldana-Talley, Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs
Kimberly Starke, Dean, Disability Resources Department (DRD)
John Stover, Faculty, Behavioral Sciences
Carlos Valencia, Dept Chair, College Skills (CSKLS)
Alma Valverde Campos, Coordinator, Dream Center-SR
Anthony Vasquez, Counselor/Faculty, Counseling
Brian Wilson, System Specialist, Student Financial Services
Hilleary Zarate, Manager, Student Life & Equity Engagement